Winter Watering

Winter Watering - All Seasons Lawn & Landscaping Reno NV

All this warm, dry weather is abnormal for this time of year, so even if you’re used to just letting your plants sit dormant over the winter, right now you might want to think about pulling your hose or sprinkler out of storage.

  • Get out the hoses or run the sprinklers.
  • Lawns on south-facing, southwest facing areas and slopes should get special attention since they receive more sun.

Winter drought can lead to root injury or death. These drought-injured plants may not show symptoms of the problem until the next season or even the next year. In fact they may leaf out and flower just fine in the spring, relying on stored food reserves. Once that energy supply runs out plants weaken and start dying back. Even if a plant isn’t killed outright, it is made more susceptible to insect and disease attack.

Northern Nevadans, if we want to save our lawns, we’re going to need to do some unseasonable gardening Read More