Coupons & Specials

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  • Yard Clean-Up SPECIAL!!!  For a limited time…Get $20 OFF–>  $460 + $42 /cyd for Dumping            Use Offer Code: MNR025    (Normally $480 + $42 / cyd for dumping)   See below for details  


  • Irrigation Diagnostic: $150.00 (up to 1 hr) – Supervisor will run the irrigation system, identify issues, problems and/or upgrades recommended and provide estimate for repairs. (Repairs not included)


  • Irrigation Repairs: $82.00/hr + Parts (1 hr min) – Hourly + Materials, includes programming timer and checking system. (Upon request technician can provide on-site estimate prior to doing work.) $41 /every half hour after initial hour.


  • Irrigation Turn-On Special: $105.00 – Includes system check, diagnostics, minor adjustments to heads and nozzles, and timer programming. (Repairs + parts not included)


  • Irrigation Winterization: $82.00 – Includes draining, winterizing, and timer control shut down for sprinkler and drip systems. (Repairs + parts not included)


  • Winter Watering: $82.00/hr (2 HR MINIMUM) –Includes turning on the irrigation system (all stations), timer programming to let each station run for 3-5 cycles, draining and re-winterizing. (Repairs + parts not included)


  • Lawn Aeration: $87 for lawns up to 5,000′sq ft, over +$15.00/1,000′sqft. (Raking of Plugs +$75 Extra) – Recommended Spring & Fall


  • Lawn Dethatching: $96 (Spring) for lawns up to 5,000′sq ft, over +$20/1,000′sqft.


  • Lawn Fertilization: $85 for lawns up to 5,000′sq ft, over +$10/1,000′sqft. (recommended 4 times a year)


  • Yard Clean Up Special: $480 + $42/ cubic yard for Dumping – Includes pruning and/or weeding, and/or dead heading and/or leaf clean up and mowing for lawns up to 2,500′sqft.  over +$15/1,000’sqft. (Includes 6 man hours, typically 3 men for 2 hours). MENTION Offer Code: MNR025  to receive $20 OFF


NOTE:  *We don’t do estimates for specials: when we schedule the job our guys will measure & we will let the customer know how much they have and the customer can add the extra charge.


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